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PTE is a worldwide recognized leader in the manufacture and supply of a vast range of Waste to Energy Technology Products and Services. Our equipment is designed to fulfill various applications and to suit each customer's individual needs. With over a 100 years of cumulative experience and expertise our ethics and professionalism is recognized by every valued client.


PTE designs, manufactures, installs and commissions our unique waste to energy plants for the Mining, Health Care, Food Processing, Forestry and Waste sectors.


Disseminee's should consider that in general most wastes can be processed and can be converted to electricity, energy or condensible fractions.


We pride ourselves in running a turnkey operation where we have the capabilities to manage the complete project life cycle from concept design to commissioning.   All facets for new Waste to Energy Plants are engineered and tailored to suit both large and small project requirements.


Our Company is staffed by various skilled professionals. It is these people who carry on our tradition of providing innovative and cost effective solutions allowing us to meet the needs of each and every customer we serve.


Prestige has been operating for over 20 years and has completed many successful innovative projects and developed our own in-house technologies paving the way to a circular economy by turning the worlds waste into a valuable resource.


Prestige Personnel have been in the Thermal Industry for over 40 years and bring applications applied through many facets of industry.


Tried and tested engineering principles are applied for all applications thus ensuring optimum efficiency and reliablility in operation.



PTEs' Founders are comprised of a group of dedicated individuals each with their own strong entrepreneurial outlook to own competencies.


Our qualified technical staff have the experience and know how to cross pollinate between industries, applications and products. This gives us the ability to provide high quality solutions and outstanding results from equipment supplied all at a low life cycle cost.


Technical Staff are available around the clock to provide application advice, suggest operational improvements and optimize irrespective of application.

Technotherm's personnel has a long history of installations of thermal equipment, some of which include installations as far back as 1955, including installations in the UK, Russia and South Africa for Johnson Matthey, aluminium thermal equipment for Maxion Wheels and many others too numerous to mention.


Recent Technotherm Projects include various Pyrolysis installations - A Plastics to Diesel Facility (California), an Abattoir installation (Kroonstad) and a facility for processing X Ray Film and PC Boards (Johannesburg).


High tech laboratory scale pyrolisers have been manufactured for Universities as well as Technotherm’s in house laboratory.


The distinction between the two manufacturing entities Prestige Thermal Energy and Technotherm may be classified as Phase Pyrolysis solutions and Traditional Thermal Equipment undertaken by Technotherm, and Turnkey Waste to Energy Flash Pyrolysis solutions are manufactured under licence to C6 Technologies by PTE.




WHO IS Prestige Thermal Energy (PTE) ?

Richard is one of the founders of PTE, the organization that has manufactured commercial scale advanced pyrolysis process. He is considered to be one of the world’s top thermal Technologists. He has been closely involved in the development, manufacture and optimization of thermal equipment across all industries for more than forty years. He brings with him a significant knowledge of the technical aspects of the technologies being employed and commercial experience in their implementation.


Group Director

Frik is trained and vastly experienced in the production, installation and service aspects of mechanical, electrical and construction fields. Frik has had extensive exposure to various international standards such as the ISO9001. Conducting and concluding quality assurance for furnace manufacturers on capital equipment on various significant projects. His track record reflects outstanding project management performances on several high profile projects for sizable companies and groups locally and internationally. Exceedingly customer orientated and committed to mutually satisfactory project completion.


Quality Assurance Manager

Technically and academically qualified to complete conceptual and optimum designs on a variety of entrepreneurial products. Malcolm has over 40 years of drafting and engineering experience including mechanical, piping, structural and plate work. He also currently has over 25 successful years of experience in the Thermal Industry.


Design Engineer

Keith has been within the furnace industry for the past 30 years and is competent in all aspects of furnace engineering. His emphasis is on achieving superior quality first time, thus reducing on-site involvement to a minimum. Excellent interaction skills with clients, peers and subordinates.


Site Installations Manager

Joe has been responsible for the operating and maintenance of over 45 installations used on a commercial basis over the past 40 years. He has the unique ability to eliminate concerns through practical review prior to the event. Joe's extensive involvement in the heat treatment industry including operating in the capacity of managing director of one of South Africa's major commercial heat treatment facilities made him the obvious choice to head up the process engineering department. Joe heads up most of the process engineering reviews that form part of the PTE culture. Joe also fulfills the post of Operations Director enabling him to practise utilizing his extensive experience.


Operations Director

Paul has operated at PTE since it opened its doors in 1997 and has fulfilled the capacity of  Project Manager on various projects, local and abroad.  Paul has been hands on in all aspects of the business and with over 18 years of experience in the Thermal Industry Paul has the commitment, knowledge and skill required to manage various types of projects from the early design and conceptual stages right through to actual site installation.


Project Director

Nicholas is a resident chemical engineer at PTE. He is involved in laboratory testing as well as process design and product specification. Nicholas also manages pre-engineering work on several large scale projects. He holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand and currently holds the title of Candidate Engineer with ECSA and is an Associate member of IChemE. Nicholas has specific commitment to health, safety and the environment as well as delivering project input based on rigorous research.


Resident Chemical Engineer

Qualified as an Electronic service mechanician in the aircraft industry, Stan furthered his technical experience in the engineering sector as a Millright. With 26 years experience in the machine tool industry. He is currently focused on Project Engineering and site installations.


Project Engineer

Sydney is a graduate chemical process engineer with further post graduate studies in technology management and business leadership. Sydney advises on the future of energy markets and develops and implements strategies to exploit opportunities in these energy markets (fossil and renewable) sustainably. His services include engineering, business development and programme management work. He leads the front-end development and research on various PTE energy projects. Sydney was employed by Sasol in various positions for a period of 35 years. Sasol is the world leader in the production of fuel and chemicals from coal (CTL) and natural gas (GTL).


Refinery Specialist

Jayde holds a Bachelor Of Commerce in Information Technology with a focus on Systems Analysis and Design. Having over 18 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Business and Accounts Management. Jayde is responsible for attending to our local and international clientele as well as the various product and service lines offered by PTE. She is an enthusiastic and devoted individual who is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


Manager - Accounts and Administration


Prestige Thermal – Special Projects Division


Everite South Africa

PTE supplied 4 off Autoclaves 40m long in 1998, and 9 off Autoclaves in line 30m long for cementatious products .


Murray and Roberts, South Africa

PTE supplied 12 Induction Furnaces, Continuous Solution Treatment and Precipitation line, Paint Plant, Die preheaters and holding Furnaces for an alloy wheel line

Value of project when installed, todays value approx. £250m.



PTE supplied a Pyroliser to operate on Oily Sludges


NGK group South Africa

PTE supplied 2 off Incinerators for peanut shells


Highveld Steel Vanadium, South Africa

PTE supplied a Pentoxide Fusion Furnace and ancillaries


Peoples Steel Mills, Pakistan

PTE supplied a complete De-dusting plant for 2 off 15 ton Arc Furnaces; Regenerative ceramic fired forge furnace 1350 degrees C, Exothermic generator, Bell furnace and Tilting hearth with quench for bar stock,

Total project value £40m


Mital, South Africa

PTE supplied a complete Vacuum De-gassing installation for stainless steel in 1996. Entire facility was bought by DLX Steel.  PTE upgraded and refurbished the equipment in 2010 for the current owner of equipment, DLX Steel.


Maxion Wheels, South Africa

PTE supplied Solution Treatment and Precipitation Furnaces, Paint line Pre treatment and effluent control, Bespoke Washing facilities, from 1992 to present day. Latest solution treatment and precipitation plant installed 2013


Johnson Matthey South Africa, UK and Russia

PTE supplied 3 complete Drying and Calcining lines for autocatalysts in 1997, 2003 and 2011.


Purepower Huntingdon, UK

PTE supplied a complete integrated Waste wood to power facility including Pyroliser, Dryer, Engines and support Equipment

which produced 3.8MW.


PTE prestige thermal energy

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